Safer and Stronger Communities

Safer and Stronger Communities

The Safer and Stronger Communities Partnership in North East Lincolnshire is a statutory community safety partnership (required as part of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998) established to join up the work of partners across the borough to tackle crime and disorder and improve community safety.

The North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is a statutory partnership, as required by Crime and Disorder Act 1998, which joins up the work of multiple organisations across the borough to tackle crime and disorder and improve community safety.

Responsible authorities, as set out in section five of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, have a duty to work together with other local agencies to develop and implement strategies that make a difference to the lives of local people.

The responsible authorities in North East Lincolnshire are:

Other agencies involved include:

As part of its statutory requirements, the CSP conducts an annual audit of local crime and disorder, called the Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment (JSIA). In addition to myriad data indicators, this audit also asks local communities for their views on prevalent crimes in their neighbourhoods and asks what they think the CSP should focus on addressing.

Using the information from this audit and consultation, the Partnership then produces an annual refresh of its three-year rolling Partnership Plan (accessed via ‘related documents’ at the bottom of the page). The CSP has adopted the North East Lincolnshire “Outcomes Framework” to embed “Outcome Based Accountability” into community safety. This is a planning process which aims to improve the lives of our communities by looking at what we want to achieve and working backwards. The agreed outcomes for North East Lincolnshire are:

That all people in North East Lincolnshire will:

  • Enjoy and benefit from a strong economy
  • Feel safe and are safe
  • Enjoy good health and well being
  • Benefit from sustainable communities
  • Fulfil their potential through skills and learning

The CSP addresses the outcome “All people in North East Lincolnshire will feel safe and are safe”.

The CSP also works alongside the Police and Crime Commissioner to solve local problems, which also contribute to the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan.

  Contact details

Team name: Safer and Stronger Communities, Municipal Offices,  Town Hall Square, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1HU


Telephone: 01472 324981

Telephone opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm except bank holidays