Domestic abuse

Providing guidance and support for victims of domestic abuse

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Number of recorded incidents of Domestic Abuse in North East Lincolnshire

2019/20         2018/2019           2017/2018          2016/17          2015/16          2014/15

5,307                5502                      5,094                  5,004               4,614               4,205

The decrease in recorded domestic abuse incidents for 19/20 indicates that the strategies implemented to prevented domestic abuse, protect and provide for those affected by it and pursue those committing it, are beginning to take effect. However, it should be noted that the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdown restrictions have had a huge impact on individuals affected by domestic abuse, the extent of which is still not fully known. Within the first 6 months following the first national lockdown (April 20 – Sept 20) there were 2,946 recorded domestic abuse incidents, a 19% increase on the 6 months prior (Oct 19 – March 20). Measures have been put in place to ensure a full range of services remain available to those needing to access them during these uncertain times.

Providing details of coercive behaviour

Understand what is domestic abuse and find support details

Details of forced marriage and where you can find help

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Advice for staying safe or planning to leave an abusive relationship

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Advice for if a friend, family member or someone you know if a victim of domestic abuse