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Number of recorded incidents of Domestic Abuse in North East Lincolnshire

2018 calendar year          2017/2018          2016/17          2015/16          2014/15

5,373                                   4,596                   4,551               4,614                4,205

The increase in recorded domestic abuse incidents for 2018 is most likely a result of an increase in the number of incidents being reported, rather than an increase in the number of incidents actually taking place. It should also be noted that widening of criteria constituting a domestic abuse incident has increased the number of incidents being classified as relating to domestic abuse.

Providing details of coercive behaviour

Understand what is domestic abuse and find support details

Details of forced marriage and where you can find help

Understand what is honour based abuse and details of where you can get help

Advice for staying safe or planning to leave an abusive relationship

Information for victims of stalking

Understand what your legal rights are

Advice for if a friend, family member or someone you know if a victim of domestic abuse

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