Good news stories from the Community Safety Partnership

4:57 pm, Wednesday, 19th August 2020


Operation Galaxy

Operation Galaxy is a proactive task force comprising detectives, officers and staff from Major Crime, Roads Policing, Intelligence, Economic Crime, Police dogs and handlers and various other departments.

The team has been up and running since October 2019, targeting criminals across the Humberside Force area who are causing our communities the most harm but was expanded in May to tackle burglary, robbery and theft; protecting vulnerable people by targeting sexual offenders and perpetrators of domestic abuse; and disrupting and dismantling Organised Crime Groups linked to drugs supply and county lines. In the last two months since the operation was expanded, results have included:

  • 751 arrests for various offences including drugs, robbery, burglary, sexual offences and theft
  • 153 warrants executed at properties across East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire
  • 234 people charged with crimes and currently going through the court process
  • Large quantities of drugs seized include cocaine, heroin and cannabis
  • An approximate street value of drugs, predominately cannabis from factories discovered through warrants, being in excess of £5 million
  • Numerous weapons seized including a Hand Gun, Shot Gun, air rifle, two Tasers, Imitation Hand Gun, PAVA Spray, four Knuckle Dusters, four Bladed weapons, machete and an axe
  • More than 46 individuals detained on fail to appear warrants

Creative Start

Creative Start was commissioned to establish the area’s first recovery community on behalf of the Council and Public Health England. The aim of the project is to provide an accessible, safe and honest environment where people can share their experiences and support each other. In the four months since they were commissioned they have already achieved all of their key performance indicators. At the start of the pandemic they brought forward their digital footprint by establishing daily online recovery meetings. The meeting is open to any one dealing with addiction, alcoholism, substance use, mental health concerns, as well as any other quality of life concerns or behavioural health issues. They also welcome people who support the recovery lifestyle and anyone who has been affected by behavioural health at any point in their life.

Street Based Team

The Street Based Team is a Council department working closely with Humberside Police, Youth Offending Service, Social Housing, Social Care and Family Hubs to support a combined and uniformed approach to deal effectively with the breaches of Covid 19 Regulations by young people. Since the start of lockdown the Street Based Team has been on patrol six days a week from to visit known hotspots and check on vulnerable young people. They engage with young people suspected of breaching regulations to ascertain any difficulties they may be experiencing within their families or personal circumstances and offer support where appropriate. The team has developed an information pack for young people which includes much information on how to stay safe and how to access support.

Blue Lights Brigade

The Blue Lights Brigade is a group of ex and retired emergency services staff, armed forces and members of the community who volunteer to support the communities and emergency services in times of need. Blue Lights Brigade aims to make to make our communities more resilient and to develop a renewed sense of purpose and direction through volunteering.

From the start of the pandemic they have been working to support the local authority’s crisis response. They acted as the volunteer registration portal, registering just under 600 volunteers from the communities of North East Lincolnshire. They had a key role in the social shielding food delivery programme, helping to deliver in excess of 1,000 food packages to many hundreds of the most vulnerable households in our area. They were also the emergency weekend cover for the Out of Hours GP Service, assisting with the collection and delivery of emergency prescriptions and medication.