Rogue traders and scams

Helping to prevent danger and harm

Financial Exploitation Project – ALERTS (Adult Learning & Education of Rogue Traders & Scams)

The project is delivered and managed by North East Lincolnshire Council Trading Standards Team and focuses on preventative strategies to reduce residents in NEL becoming repeat victims.

The project focuses on:

  • Scam Victims
  • Community Education
  • Enforcement Action
  • Partnership Development Work

The project commenced in January 2017 and its core aim is to continue to raise the awareness of Doorstep Crime and Scam offences thereby safeguarding the public through an accessible reporting procedure that triggers intervention strategies designed to break and disrupt the cycle of crime.

Through the delivery of a structured programme of training sessions and presentations to Health & Social Care staff, including volunteers, support workers, carers and professionals who have individual contact on a regular basis with members of the local community, the primary objective is to raise awareness among those most susceptible to doorstep crime and scams.

Health & Social Care professionals are some of the best-placed people to monitor those at risk, as research suggests 80% of all such victims are already in receipt of health and social care services.

Training sessions and presentations can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of your organisation or team and utilises the specific ‘one to one’ approach that is so valuable in delivering the key Doorstep Crime & Scam Awareness messages, whilst standardising the message across all organisations.

Delivered by a small dedicated team, training sessions and presentations are personalised with work experiences that clearly demonstrate the devastating effect these types of crime have on victims.

With a background in offender management and crime prevention, attendees are assured of  personal delivery response to questions with an in depth knowledge based on real case scenarios.

If you want to know more about the Financial Exploitation Project and how it can help underpin the existing services that your organisation or team provide to your clients then contact Ian Boyd on for further information.