Welcome to SaferNEL

Welcome to Safer North East Lincolnshire

Safeguarding children, adults and the community

Domestic abuse

Includes support services, what domestic abuse is and more

Emotional health and wellbeing

Includes service information and guidance

Crime and nuisance behaviour

Report crime or nuisance behaviour

Abuse and neglect

Includes neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse and more

Staying safe and prevention

Includes bullying, neighbourhood safety and more

Do you have a concern?

Report concerns about children or adults

Counter Terrorism

Includes information about combating extremism and radicalisation

Information for children, parents and adult carers

Includes service information and guidance

Information for practitioners and providers

Includes service information and guidance

Workforce development

See upcoming training sessions, events and job opportunities

Safeguarding Review & Audit Process

Includes information about local support and guidance

Complaints, compliments and suggestions

NELC complaints, compliments and suggestions procedures