Crime and staying safe

Types of anti-social behaviour, submit a report, request to review a previous report and report other nuisance behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour, nuisance driving, controlled drinking zones and enforcement outcomes.

Request to open a closed anti-social behaviour report for review, eligibility criteria and number of outcomes submitted.


Static camera, request footage, control room and cost of CCTV

Violent and hate crime

Alcohol, domestic abuse and hate crime related violence.

Victims code, GOV.UK information service, Humber Support, help for victims and victims champion.

Become a Neighbourhood Watch member or coordinator, start a new group, latest updates in your area or join and get involved with an existing group.

Humberside police advice on protecting sheds, garages, gardens and your home whilst on holiday.

Staying safe online

Using the internet safely, phishing emails, social networking, illegal material, sexting, cyber bullying and keeping children safe online.

Rogue traders and scams

Financial Exploitation Project – ALERTS (Adult Learning & Education of Rogue Traders & Scams).