Closed Circuit Television CCTV

North East Lincolnshire Council’s 153 static CCTV cameras and 17 Rapid Deployment Cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days year. The Rapid Deployment Cameras are used in specific areas where a potential risk may exist.  The system is monitored by a team of dedicated control room staff. All staff are trained, qualified and hold a current CCTV SIA license.

The Rapid Deployment Cameras are used in specific areas where a potential risk may exist. Disclosure of the exact locations of all CCTV cameras is deemed to be likely to prejudice the prevention and detection of crime, and the apprehension or prosecution of offenders.

The Council currently operates and monitors a total of 148 static CCTV cameras and 17 Rapid Deployment Cameras.

Static CCTV cameras are made up of:

  • 44 PTZ Town Centre cameras
  • 28 Static cameras – multi story car park
  • 13 Static cameras – Resource Centre
  • 8 PTZ Broadband Cameras in public parks
  • 6 Static Cameras – IT Centre
  • 6 Static Cameras – Recycling Depot
  • 11 UTC, PTZ Cameras (Urban Traffic Cameras)
  • 8 Car Parks PTZ
  • 16 Public Buildings cameras (Town Hall, Municipal Offices)
  • 4 Crematorium Grounds / Car Park
  • 7 Council Depot (3 x PTZ – 4 x static)

Control room

Our purpose-built Control Room operates 24 hours a day and is a registered Alarm Monitoring Station. It is capable of monitoring and responding to a variety of alarms and is currently linked to over 200 intruder, fire, lift and PA alarms. Patrol staff are in constant radio contact with the Control Operator and respond immediately by attending the alarm site. The Control Room has direct access to the Police and other emergency services as well as on-call tradesmen.

The Control Room also responds to out-of-hours calls and monitors both remote wireless and broadband transmission CCTV cameras.

The system is operated in partnership with Humberside Police and other agencies, and images can be transmitted from the Council’s control room to the police control room as events are actually happening. Our control operators are also constantly in touch with Humberside Police control room via the airwaves radio network, giving an instant response to incidents.

All cameras are linked to the control room via a mixture of Microwave, BT Fibre, 802 Wireless, Verint wireless and Radio systems. All operators are employed by North East Lincolnshire Council however the workforce providing maintenance are externally contracted.

The Council do not operate CCTV cameras to enforce parking or moving traffic regulations.

The Council do not operate CCTV SMART car systems.

The Council do not operate CCTV cameras to enforce parking or moving traffic regulations.

The Control Room and Patrol staff operate to British Standards BS5979 ,BS5839, BS5266 and BS7958.

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Requests to review CCTV images

Requests can be made by the police, partner agencies or members of the public, however they must meet the required criteria and comply with the Data Protection Act and the NELC Code of Practice. Once a request is received CCTV staff will search and review footage then confirm or deny the presence of images.

To enable staff to access the hard drives of the system in the first instance a CCTV Review Request Form must be completed with as much information as possible to aid the search and accurate identification of the images required. NOTE: This is NOT a release form, if images are identified they will be archived in line with the NELC Code of Practice and the Data Protection Act and the requestor notified along with advice on the next course of action depending on the content of the images archived.

Where an application is received from a member of the public for personal data, a CCTV Subject Access Request Form (Word, 31KB)  must be completed. Once received the request will be processed and a written response will be provided within 30 days.

For more information on data protection go the North East Lincolnshire Council Data protection  page.

Cost of the CCTV system

The annual costs of the CCTV system are:

  • £234,316 staffing costs
  • £70,000 Maintenance