Young Witness Service

The North East Lincolnshire Young Witness Service is for all children and young people under 18, who are called to give evidence in any of the courts in the borough; this includes the Youth Court, Magistrates Court and Crown Court.

Children and young people who give evidence in cases where a serious crime has been committed are doing the public a great service and are helping to make North East Lincolnshire a safer place to live; therefore it is essential to offer appropriate support.

The service is based on the National Standards for young witness preparation and good practice.

The service will work with young witnesses and their parents and carers before they go to court to:

  • Make sure that they have the right support in place to help them to give best evidence
  • Explain what is going to happen and what sort of help they can get at court
  • Arrange a visit to the court before the day of the trial
  • Support them at court on the day of the trial
  • Support them after the trial

If you require any further information or assistance you can contact theĀ North East Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board.