Prevention and early help

Team Around the Family (TAF)

A Prevention and Early Help Partnership Strategy for Children and Families: Early Help Strategy (Word, 12.7MB)

Early Help Assessment Plan (Word, 62.9KB)

Review form for Team Around the Family (TAF):

Child and Family Progress Review (Word, 64KB)            

Closure Form Team Around the Family (TAF):

Team Around the Family Closure Summary(Word, 319KB)

Team Around the Family (TAF) Guidance:

TAF Project Handbook (PDF, 16.1MB)

Team Around the Family (TAF) Leaflet:

TAF A Family Guide (PDF, 10.4KB )

Locality Family Hubs

Family Hubs bring together support from services including Surestart Children’s Centres, Health Visiting, School Nursing, Families First Practitioners, Early Help and some young people services. They work with partners in the community across North East Lincolnshire to identify and offer services for children, young people, and families from pre-birth to adulthood. Locality Family Hubs are for everyone, including support for children with additional needs.

Integrated Front Door

Our Integrated Front door is available to assist all partners and public if they are worried or concerned regarding Children. We can provide advice and guidance and ensure appropriate action is taken where safeguarding needs are identified.  Where completion of the early help assessment is appropriate, the TAF team are able to support with advice regarding the completion of this. 

Helping, Supporting and Protecting Children and Families in North East Lincolnshire Threshold Document 24/2028 (PDF, 609KB)

When a worry or concern about a child or family has been identified, we give information, advice and guidance to the public and professionals. Consideration to the threshold of need is given within all enquiries to ensure right outcomes. 

If you are concerned that a child is being abused, or they may be at risk of harm, you should contact our Integrated Front Door Service (IFD) to make a referral:

Members of the public and professionals can call the IFD on 01472 326292 (option 2, option 2) (Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm and Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm).

Please see: SaferNEL | Report a concern – SaferNEL

Professionals who have concerns or worries around a child or family, that are not of a safeguarding nature, should complete an Early Help Assessment (Word, 64KB)

Professionals can use the Early Help Assessment to request a service or single piece of intervention from the Locality Family Hubs in line with the Locality Family Hub Offer (PDF, 143KB)  and the Helping, Supporting and Protection Children and Families in North East Lincolnshire Threshold Document 24/2028 (PDF, 609KB)

If you have concerns around a child or family, where you feel they need a Multi-Agency response and/or more that a single piece of intervention, you must complete the Early Help Assessment (Word, 64KB) with the Family.

Once you have completed either the Early Help Assessment and have consent from the family to submit the information, you need to send this to where appropriate next steps will be taken. 

Remember if a child is in immediate danger call 999.

Helping, Supporting and Protecting Children and Families in North East Lincolnshire Threshold Document 24/2028

The thresholds document details how we work together to support and safeguard children and families including:

The thresholds document for access to services to support actions required to improve outcomes for children.
How the partnership ensures that children and families get the right support at the right time.
Identifies the crossing points between early help, safeguarding and child protection.

Relationship Matters

Relationship Matters is a partnership between 14 Local Authorities across Yorkshire and the Humber Region helping families who may be having relationship difficulties. North East Lincolnshire Council and its partners are heavily involved in this partnership.

Whether couples together or separated the way they communicate can impact on their relationship and their children. The Relationship Matters webpage can help everyone recognise the signs such as:

  • Arguing or shouting all the time with each other about things like, money, how you parent and housework.
  • Are they worried about splitting up?
  • Is there sulking, silent treatment, slamming doors or walking away from each other?
  • Are they anxious or worried which gets in the way of managing everyday life?

Access pathway

The Access Pathway has been moved to the Neurodevelopmental Service at NAViGO to help reduce waiting times and streamline children and young people’s mental health.

The service can assess a child or young person for neuro-diverse conditions such as autism or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).